Vedant Panchal

Myself, an undergraduate from IIT-R, pursuing Mechanical Engineering.

  • Web Engineering
  • Social entrepreneurship, case studies and hackathons
  • Keeping in touch with electronic and software advances
  • Gaming + World building
    yep, empty yet :(
Interests + "Would like to spend my time in"
  • Simulations of natural phenomena
  • Connectomics and Cybernetics
  • Particle Physics and Photonics

Intern experiences

Because the whole point of an intern is to flirt with your career.


There's a place where you can atleast think crazy (not if act like one) and still get help to prove yourself right.

Academics and CCA

In my justification, I am keeping a low profile.

What my friends would say about me

Life changes, some friends don't. Maybe that's why they know well about you.

Perpetual coder

Haven't been spending much time on hard-core coding but I am flexible with picking up new coding styles and paradigms.

Love for computers

Only if I could somehow measure it...

Inherent qualities

Believe in helping. Don't trust Karma. Calm, composed and poised.

Personal space

Small friend circle: That means I won't disturb you much, neither poke my nose around.
Large acquaintance circle: Always happy to get to know you!

Interpersonal skills

Always interested to hear you out. Curious to get to know many people.

Unique selling proposition

Avid learner. Holding a vision, not just drifting away. Am single: Can do injustice to spending time for personal life.

Get in touch

Would love to hear from you